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Hello! My name is Kerrie and I have always loved to create things, especially things with sentiment and meaning. I am most inspired by nature and moved from the bustling city of Boston to the starlit seacoast of Maine a couple years ago. I had always dreamt of having goats and chickens and raising babies near the ocean. . . catching fireflies in jars and building forts among the trees. So far, we have 3 goats, 6 chickens, and one sweet little babe 🙂

After spending the last 16 years working to advocate for and support disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, it is my big dream to incorporate that in my Website. I would love to be successful enough to hire a few women in need of a helping hand.

I am truly honored to be creating these seed packets- for your loved ones who have passed, for your babies waiting to arrive, and for you and your partner as you commit to each other for eternity. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to working with you.